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The National Business Officers Association featured the a story about the funding ins and outs of the LWGMS and Giddens co-location collaboration in the March/April 2019 edition of NetAssets magazine.

A Capital Plan
By Stacey Freed / Net Assets Magazine / March/April 2019

“Noting that the collaboration includes economic, environmental, and workload benefits, [heads of school] Hearn and McDonald would encourage other schools to seek partnerships in the same way. It does "take some risks, and you have to find somebody who will be a complement for your organization. Engaging more perspectives and making collaborative decisions can take more time," Hearn acknowledged. "But it also fosters generative thinking and innovation. Don't get stuck in thinking there's only one way to do a capital project. And answer the email with the 'crazy' idea.””

Check it out to learn more about our unique and innovative partnership and project.