Bring on the wrecking balls! Demolition has begun at the site of the permanent new home for Lake Washington Girls Middle School!

Our new home will enhance L-Dub programs and promote better learning. Equally important, it enables us to prioritize the health and wellbeing of youth and families and strengthen our community—honoring the historical significance of the site where we will live.

With gratitude to Imperial Lanes

Imperial Lanes and Lounge opened in Seattle’s Rainier Valley in 1959 and was run by Fred Takagi, a prominent leader in the Japanese-American community, for 30 years. Born in California to Japanese immigrant parents, Takagi moved to Seattle with his family and graduated from Franklin High School. After internment in Idaho during WWII, he returned to Seattle and ran his brother-in-law’s bowling alley before forming an ownership group with other businessmen to open an even larger facility, Imperial Lanes, that would become a hub for the Japanese and Chinese communities.

The Imperial Lanes owners chose to sell the land to our school because of their deep family value for children and education. To honor the legacy of both the Takagi family and the Nishimura family, who ran Imperial Lanes from 1992 to 2015, we plan to salvage timber trusses from the Imperial Lanes building and repurpose them in the entries of our new home.

Lori Matsukawa reported this week on the history of the Imperial Lanes site. Watch her story on King5.

Thank you!

Together, we have the opportunity to write a bold and meaningful new chapter for this storied block that includes strengthening opportunities for a diverse group of young girls and their families. We are honored that you are all a part of the story, too.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Patricia Hearn, Head of Lake Washington Girls Middle School

Patricia Hearn, LWGMS Head of School